UK Paternity Rights

Paternity rights are very important. DNA testing provides valuable information for determining paternity, often the first step in establishing paternity rights. Below are articles to help you learn more about paternity rights, including information on paternity leave. Please note that UK Paternity Testing Centre offers these links as resources only, not legal advice, and we do not endorse the content on each of the sites below.

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Association of University Teachers: Circular about Maternity, Paternity, and Adoption Leave

A circular sent to LA secretaries that details the maternity, paternity, and adoption leave rights and flexible working regulations that took effect in April 2003.

Child Support Analysis - Appendix D: Ethics of Biological Relationships Knowledge

The primary topic of this paper is about rights of personal knowledge, and limits of personal knowledge, irrespective of how this is gained. It asks the fundamental question, 'Has this person the right in principle to know X?'

Child Support Analysis Children's Rights

A review of parentage, especially paternity. Topics include misattributed paternity. children's rights, and paternity tests for peace of mind.

DTI Employment Relations: Paternity - Leave and Pay

A basic summary of employee rights to paternity leave and pay, as introduced in 2003.

Employment In England: Parental rights at work

A summary of employee rights, including information on maternity leave and paternity leave

The Employment (Northern Ireland) Order

Northern Ireland employment order concerning adoption leave and paternity leave, statutory paternity pay and statutory adoption pay, maternity leave, and flexible working, from November 2002.

House of Lords - Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Fourteenth Report Employment Bill

The new right to paternity leave has been the subject of extensive consultation. This new section establishes the right to paternity leave when a child is newly placed for adoption.

Paternity and Adoption Leave Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2002

An overview of regulations in Northern Ireland for paternity and adoption leave, as established in December 2002.

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